• 150 Miles on Foot
    by  Lem James

    This was one of my best years of bow elk hunting ever, and I say that even though, in the end, we didn’t fill the freezer until deer season. ...

  • Is Hunting a Sport?
    by  Lem James

    Although there are many aspects of sport in hunting and fishing, the classification of hunting as a sport leaves much to be desired.

  • A Mossyback Hunter in a GPS Woods
    by  Lem James

    I am always astounded and often impressed with the results of modern technology. GPS technology is one of the newest and potentially most useful tr ...

  • The Game Changers
    by  Lem James

    Now and then I come across a product or a way of doing things that is such a simple good idea that it changes the whole game. In the outdoors I hav ...

  • The Turkey Draw
    by  Lem James

    My second setup on the ridge was initiated more by hope than anything else. Although there were two gobblers answering they were both distant and l ...

  • Why I Hunt
    by  Kristen James

    Some people are born into hunting families and are fairly knowledgeable about tracking a buck by the time they’re actually old enough. I grew ...

  • Boat Blinds for Ducks
    by  Lem James

    Across vast areas of heartland however most duck hunting is done on foot, but in coastal bays and some other areas, duck boats are considered the m ...