History Channel Looks for “Alone” Contestants Season 2

hiker sitting

Do you have what it takes to survive in the outdoors in the face of bear and wolves and freezing temperatures and almost zero resources for food? Would you do it for a chance at $500,000? The History Channel is looking for participants in its latest reality television series “Alone.”

If the show’s first season is any indication, Season 2 will be anything but a Sunday picnic. In the first season, 10 survivalists were hand-selected to compete against themselves. Dropped off in separate locations on the north side of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, armed with an air horn, two flares and a satellite phone, contestants could tap out whenever they needed. 

The contest could potentially last up to a year. You are allowed just 10 essential survival items like tarps, knives and fish netting. And the winner takes home $500,000. 

“That’s a lot of money, but it’s not worth dying over,” said one of the contestants from Season 1. 

Though they had prepared for months, one participant was charged by a bear on the first night and bowed out the next day. Another heard wolves howling in all directions and called for an evacuation that night.

Four of the contestants were able to have a fairly decent go at it, proving their bushcraft skills without a doubt. One comfortably built a yurt and a canoe out of sticks and tarp so that he could reach better fishing grounds. In the end, it was the mental fortitude that broke many of them down. The winner succeeded in less than 60 days.

If you think you have the bushcraft skills it takes to survive, producers of the show are looking for participants. To test your skills send an email to aloneshowcasting@gmail.com with your name, age, contact information, location, and a brief description about your survival expertise. For more information about the show click here.

Photo credit: Dreamstime