Bourgeois Charters

A Day on the Water with Bourgeois Charters

Bourgeois ChartersAs an avid fisherman, and frequent visitor to Louisiana, I have had the great privilege of fishing in several locations that the beautiful state has to offer. From speckled trout schooling around the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, to canoeing the secluded bayous for alligator gar, and everything in between, I count myself very lucky to have experienced such great scenery and exotic wildlife, as well as memorable fishing. One such unforgettable trip occurred during my most recent visit to the south, where my uncle and I had the good fortune to spend a day on the water with Bourgeois Charters, in Barataria, LA. 

We Embark and Quickly Find Success

Located just minutes away from the heart of New Orleans, the Bourgeois Charters Cajun lodge rests near Barataria Bay, with dock frontage right on the canals that lead out to the brackish waters. My uncle and I met our captain at their docks early in the morning, where he greeted us with refreshments and food for the trip, as well as a friendly smile and handshake. We then made our way down the canal to a bait shop, where the boat was fueled up and the captain grabbed a bucket of shrimp.

After a quick, but amazingly scenic boat ride through the winding canals, we arrived at the marshy flats just as the sun began to rise. With a warming breeze at our backs, the captain spotted the first school of tailing redfish and we began day of fishing that I've yet to match! Using a combination of artificial lures designed for redfish–weedless spoons and soft plastics with a Colorado blade–and shrimp suspended under a cork popper, we hunted school after school of reds, watching for tails to break the water's surface, and only moved when we were doing so well that we got bored with our current location. In fact, between the three of us, it took only a mere three hours to fill the cooler with our limit until it was bursting with fish.

Southern Hospitality

With an incredible morning on the water in the books, we made our way back to Bourgeois' dock, where our captain offered us more drinks and cleaned our fish while we relaxed at the water's edge. The company's other captains even came out to sit and talk with us, which really brought new meaning to the phrase, "Southern Hospitality." I learned a lot, in just a few hours, from our captain, and am still thankful for his knowledge, as well as his laid back, yet professional personality. That trip was one I'll never forget, as my uncle and I still talk about how much fun and excitement we had that day!

With experienced captains who treat every customer as a friend on the water, while maintaining a professional demeanor, ample lodgings and facilities for whatever the demand, and a dedication and respect for the outdoors that is so hard to find these days, Bourgeois Charters is the shining epitome of southern inshore fishing. Anyone planning a trip to New Orleans and wanting to squeeze in a productive day of fishing would be robbing themselves of the experience of a lifetime if they pass up the opportunity to fish with this company.

If you'll be in the New Orleans area or are looking for a new and exciting location for your next fishing trip, and think Bourgeois Charters sounds like the kind of experience for you, feel free to visit them at, or contact them at 504-341-5614.