Tackle Review: Sufix Performance Stretch

Many anglers experiment with braided fishing line, and some even make the permanent switch in favor of the strength and durability of braid. While it is true that braid has the power to muscle fish from deep cover and withstand structure that would rip through other lines, many fishermen are still hesitant to forego the features possessed by monofilaments and fluorocarbon lines. With no stretch whatsoever, some fishermen find that muscling fish to the boat with braid sometimes causes hooks to bend and can even snap rods. Well, with the addition of Sufix' Performance Stretch braided line to the company's already impressive collection, weary anglers not yet ready to take the plunge and make the transition to braid can test the waters with this hybrid line.

The true defining characteristic of Sufix Performance Stretch braid is its ability to stretch very slightly, allowing it to be a little more forgiving to your tackle while still maintaining its durability. Most monofilaments can stretch up to around 30%, which is actually quite a bit more than is needed in a given situation, as the more it stretches, the weaker the line becomes. Performance Stretch braid stretches 6%, which is just the right amount of give needed to take pressure off your hooks, rods, and even reels. The braid is a blend of Dyneema and High Tenacity Dacron fibers, which provide the stretch. This allows anglers to still enjoy the benefits of braided line–thin diameter, abrasion resistance, and smoother casting–while providing a small amount of stretch.

Performance Stretch also possesses enhanced color protection, a feature that hasn't been offered before. Anglers who have used braided lines in the past know how the dye can bleed and smear on their fingers and eventually lose its hue over time due to water and sun exposure. Sufix's new stretch line prevents this from happening, so you won't have to worry about your spools, guides, or hands turning green.

Another bonus to Sufix Performance stretch is its usefulness in other fishing scenarios where most wouldn't dream of using braid. For example, most would never dream of using braided line while trolling deeper waters, due to the fact that the stress of hooking a fish from a moving boat with braided line would put entirely too much strain on the equipment used. However, with the give of Performance Stretch, trolling anglers can gain from the advantages of braided line's higher reel capacity and strength, while not having to worry about bending hooks or losing fish to a lack of stretch.

Like Sufix's other braided lines, Performance Stretch is available in spools of 150 yards, with strengths ranging from 10 lb to 65 lb, and with an easily affordable price tag of $19.99, you won't have to break the bank just to test it out one season. With all the strength and reliability of standard braids, topped off with the forgiveness of a small amount of stretch to ease some tension off hooks and rods, Sufix's Performance Stretch is worth a second glance. If you're a angler who's always wondered about using braid, but were hesitant to give up the familiar feel of other lines, I suggest you try out this new hybrid line. I know you'll find that having the best of both worlds is a great asset on the water.