Tackle Review: BTC CW Crab

cw-crabWhen it comes to saltwater fishing, any angler will tell you that crustaceans—shrimp, sand fleas, crabs—are the number one item on an inshore species’ list. From redfish to snook, nearly every saltwater fish never passes on the chance to dine on baby crabs and shrimp. The traditional method of capitalizing on this diet has always been utilizing live bait from a local bait shop, and it’s a great method that produces results consistently. Though, what about those anglers who wish to be a little more active than shrimp or crabs under a cork popper? Well BTC Lures, Inc. offers a line of extremely lifelike crab-imitating crankbaits that anglers have fallen in love with over the last few years and once you try them out at your favorite inshore cove or canal, you’ll see why.

Fishing is essentially about enticing fish to bite lures that resemble the natural prey items found in a given fishery, and the CW Crab does exactly that. The durable body is molded from an actual crab shell and the available patterns perfectly imitate a crab. Not only does it look like a blue crab, but on the retrieve, it runs sideways and, when worked properly so that it rises and falls, it’s more than deadly in the water. Furthermore, the CW Crab possesses strong, yet flexible, polyurethane swim fins, a sea-green treble hook that is nearly invisible in the water, and a stainless steel through wire harness that is molded to the body. This all ensures that, even when thrown to barnacle-rich piers and rock jetties, the bait will run true and withstand the damages brought on by rugged inshore ecosystems.

The retrieve is truly where the CS Crab works its magic. The amazingly lifelike appearance, while impressive, is only the tip of the iceberg, and sets the stage that allows for the innovative functions of the bait that allow it to beautifully mimic the action of a swimming crab in the water. An internal weight ensures that, as soon as the bait is in the water, it assumes retrieval position immediately. You can retrieve the CW Crab a number of ways, and experimenting is always encouraged with a lure, but to get the optimal results, a stop and go retrieve is the best, especially when fishing tidal flows. This allows it to rise and fall, just as a crab does while it makes its way through the water, and dances in the current.

The CW Crab is available in a standard size and a smaller, “Baby” size, both of which come in four different patterns. The lure is also available in three different sink rates: a float model that sinks to a few feet ad rises to the surface when the retrieve is stopped, a suspending model that dives a few feet and remains at the depth when stopped, and finally, a sinking model, which sinks roughly half a foot per second. The standard size Crab costs around $10, and the Baby Crab is priced at $8.

With authentic patterns, amazing action, and a myriad of sizes and diving depths to choose from, the CW Crab from BTC Lures, Inc. is definitely a lure worth looking into for anyone who fishes saltwater. Proven to catch striped bass, redfish, tarpon, sea trout, and may more salt species, and testimonials from hundreds of anglers, this lure is rapidly becoming a favorite of inshore anglers. Don’t miss the chance to pick one up and give it a try if you’re heading towards warmer climates this winter or early spring.