Tackle Review: Frabill’s Kwik Stow Net


During my time as a fishing associate at an outdoor sports retailer, I helped many customers shop for lures, rods, reels, and any other piece of tackle you can think of to suit their needs. It isn’t hard, though, to help someone find what they need, and requires only an understanding of how often they’ll use the tackle, what they’re fishing for, and how much they want to spend. Obviously, someone who only plans on fishing once a summer at the family cottage doesn’t need a $200 reel or $20 lure, but what about everything else they need? Despite the hundreds of rods, thousands of lures, and dozens of reels available, one of the most difficult decisions that I’ve helped customers with is finding a net that they’ll feel comfortable using, as well as purchasing in the first place. However, whether you’re a seasoned angler or someone who fishes every once in a while and you’re just looking for a net you can rely on, Frabill has just what you need: the Kwik Stow Net.

There are many features that anglers look for in a net—durable, yet fish-friendly netting, handle length, and large hoop size to name a few—and it’s difficult to find just one net that possesses everything you desire. The Kwik Stow net, however, accomplishes this feat exceptionally well.

Constructed of heavy-duty plastic and aluminum, the Kwik Stow net consists of a 14” deep, 3/16” micro mesh netting that is tangle-free and connects to a triangular 18” x 16” hoop. The hoop has plenty of room for a variety of species, however, muskie and salmon fishermen will still want to purchase a separate net for their specific purposes. Considerate anglers will also appreciate the soft mesh netting and the stress that it reduces for a netted fish. Furthermore, the handle of the Kwik Stow net is telescopic and extends from 20” to 40” with the implementation of a convenient latch, which is great whether you’re on a boat or fishing from shore.

The most unique and impressive feature of the Kwik Stow net has to be its ability to collapse and become completely compact (only 25” long when collapsed) with the simple activation of a button. An elastic tie binds the netting to the handle and then the net takes up no more space than an umbrella. The net is also available in a larger size, which boasts a 22” x 30” hoop, and whose handle extends from 35” to 63”.

The Kwik stow has been popular among kayak and canoe fishermen since its premiere on the market, but works great no matter what type of angler you are. With a price of around $22, it makes an easily affordable, yet high-quality addition to your tackle. If you’re looking for a new net, especially one that can be easily stowed while still performing at top levels, then I suggest picking up Frabill’s Kwik Stow net this season.