Spooling Station

Tackle Review: Berkley Spooling Station

Spooling StationFor fishermen, any product that can make an everyday task a little easier or quicker is a welcome addition to the tackle box. From jig eye poppers to specialized sunglass compartments on tackle boxes, and everything in between, tools and tackle designed to streamline the fishing experience and give anglers more time to actually fish, rather than toil away at trivial tasks, are plentiful at your local retailer. While it would take a long time to distinguish between the quality tools and the useless ones in the this category, I’d like to review one for you today that I’ve used in the past, and know to be practical and effective: Berkley’s Portable Line Spooling Station.

Unless you take your reels to a local retailer that will spool them for you on their machines, lining your reels can take a little time. Furthermore, on trips where you may need several reels spooled, to be used at any given moment should you need one, it can take quite a bit of time to perform the task. The Spooling Station eliminates the time and even the frustration that you can encounter when you spool your reels at home.

Made of durable plastic, the Spooling Station sits on any flat surface and doesn’t slip due to rubber grips located at key points on the bottom. You fasten your reel to the seat located at one end, and then attach a spool at the other end. You can adjust the tension so there won’t be any slack at all, which will ensure that your line goes on smoothly and without twists. From there, you simply crank the reel just like you were fishing and the line fills your spool naturally and evenly.

The Spooling Station also comes with a battery-operated line stripper, which rapidly takes old line off your reels and even further shortens the time that lining spools takes. The station also includes a built-in line cutter to effortlessly snip line at your discretion. On top of all that, the Spooling Station also accommodates a variety of spool sizes up to one-pound bulk spools.

The Berkley Spooling Station is a great product that has done wonders for reducing the amount of time required to spool line, and also ensures that your line goes on the reel evenly and naturally. I personally have used the Spooling Station to spool several reels on long drives, resting it on my lap while I spooled reel after reel. Not only did it sit securely and perform great, it also gave me something to do during the long trip. For anyone looking for a tool that will make the sometimes frustrating task of spooling line easier and faster, the Berkley Spooling Station should not be overlooked the next time you find yourself at your local outdoor retailer. I guarantee that after using it for the first time, you’ll thank Berkley for making such a great product.