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Save Money on Tackle, Part Two

Fishing StoreI realized that describing all the ways anglers can save money when stocking up for the spring was impossible to contain within the confines of just one article, which is what brings me this week to Part Two of cutting costs at your local retailer. Sales and end of the year clearance items, while great ways options, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making your dollars go a long way, and today, I’ll shed some light on a few more great ways to accomplish this feat.

You may be familiar with the phrase, “Membership has its privileges.” Well, outdoor retailers are no exception to this adage, and signing up for the rewards program will earn you an abundance of perks before long, especially if you’re a frequent shopper at these stores. Signing up for the rewards program at Bass Pro Shops, for example, will allow you to earn points with every dollar spent, eventually allowing you to redeem a $10 gift certificate once you reach 500 points. Dick’s Sporting Goods has a similar program, and spending $300 will earn you a $10 gift certificate with them. Spending $300 just to get $10 may seem impractical to most, but, from experience, the $300 comes quickly. You’ll be surprised at how easily a few purchases here and there can add up.

Aside from gift certificates, rewards programs usually offer their members exclusive email offers and access to members only events, like seminars and activities. More often than not, the email offers will provide sneak peeks at new products, sales, and other news concerning the retailer’s upcoming events, such as double rewards nights, where rewards members can earn double points from their purchases.

Lastly, retailers often host annual events where you can find great deals. Bass Pro Shops, for example, holds an annual Toyota Test Drive event, where customers can test drive one of a handful of Toyota models and then receive a $10 Bass Pro Shops gift card. Yes, you read correctly; not only can you test drive a brand new Toyota, but you’ll also get a free $10 gift card just for doing so! You can’t beat that!

As I said before, if you’re a regular customer at your local outdoor retailer, signing up for their rewards program is highly recommended. The programs cost nothing to join, and, since you’re already spending money there anyway, you can continue to do so at your leisure and then enjoy the surprise when you’ve earned yourself a gift certificate as a thank you for your patronage. Take advantage of this, as well as other money-saving opportunities, like sales and clearance events, the next time you decide to restock your tackle box. We all like to save money, and if you can do so and still buy the products you want, then I call that a Win-Win!