Wahoo Dip

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Wahoo DipOne of the most delicious saltwater species is the wahoo. Yes, to anyone unfamiliar with it, the wahoo sounds like a name from Dr. Suess, but I guarantee that once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked. To me, there’s not much in life that can rival fishing the turquoise waters of the ocean and then bringing your catch back to throw on the grill at the end of the day. Any fish fresher than that would still be swimming. I’ve always felt that certain fish taste better fried, while others taste better grilled. Grilled wahoo is hard to beat and I have a recipe given to me by a former coworker of mine, who is an avid saltwater angler, that will knock your socks off.

Grilled Wahoo

4 wahoo steaks

1 tbsp. olive oil

½ tbsp. lime juice

1 tbsp. lemon juice

1 tbsp. paprika

1 tsp. crushed red pepper


1.    In a small bowl, mix the olive oil, lime juice, lemon juice, paprika, and red pepper.

2.    Place the wahoo steaks in a dish and pour the mixture over the fish.

3.    Put the fish in a refrigerator and leave for ½ hour.

4.    After removing the fish from the refrigerator, grill them directly over charcoal for 15      minutes, turning once, half way through. (Feel free to use any mixture leftovers to baste the fish while it grills.)

Smoked Wahoo Dip

1lb smoked wahoo, hand crumbled

½ cup mayonnaise

½ cup sour cream

½ cup relish

1 bunch scallions, chopped (be sure to set aside small amount for garnish)

2 tbsp. dill

3 tbsp. horseradish

3 tbsp. lime juice

3 tbsp. hot sauce (something with a citrus flavor works best)


1.    Mix all ingredients well.

2.    Spoon into serving bowls and sprinkle with remaining scallions.

3.    Serve with your favorite crackers.

Throwing your wahoo on the grill while you enjoy a nice summer night with friends and family is a great way to partake in such a delicious fish. Grilling it is simple and the dip is even easier. Both dishes add a tropical atmosphere to any gathering and will have your guests yelling, “Wahoo!” Bad jokes aside, wahoo really is an exciting fish to catch and doing so affords you a great meal at the end of a long day on the water. These recipes are only a few of many to choose from, but I’ve tasted them and found them to be the perfect way to enjoy such a great-tasting fish.