Where I've Fished

Where I’ve Fished

Where I've FishedNow that you’ve gotten a peek into my tackle box, you’ve seen what kind of angler I am. I don’t adhere to any specific tactics or baits, and try to use everything in my tackle box (to justify purchasing the tackle in the first place.) I guess you could say that I know a little about a lot.  Now I’d like to relate my experiences further, and chronicle the locations around the country where I’ve caught fish and made some great memories on the water.

I first got into fishing on a more serious level during college, when a good friend of mine invited me to join him and his family on their two-week, annual summer fishing trip in Northern Michigan. Up until that point, I had never really fished, and didn’t even have any tackle, but I headed to the nearest store and grabbed a bubble-packed Shimano reel (which I still have) and, as most of us can claim, an Ugly Stik (which I also still have.) The combo held up against my first keeper largemouth, and at that exact moment, I was hooked. Pun intended. Other than that man-made lake near Alpena, MI, I’ve also fished around Mt. Pleasant, MI, and in southeast MI on a regular basis, where largemouth and northern pike are the popular species.

I lived in northwest Indiana for a few years and during that time, I was introduced to steelhead fishing in the rivers and streams that meander throughout the area. A former coworker of mine knows those rivers like the back of his hand, and I quickly became addicted to floating shrimp and spawn sacs for steelhead and salmon. Furthermore, I had the good fortune of being so close to Lake Michigan and the inland coves that spilled out into the lake were prime locations for bass and carp. I’ve caught some of the biggest bass in my life off the end of docks in these coves.

Undoubtedly, the most exciting places I’ve fished in my life have been the bayous and inshore, brackish lakes of Louisiana, as well as the deep water oil rigs that dot the Gulf of Mexico. While canoeing through the back water rivers, I’ve hooked into alligator gar and catfish. I’ve taken charters out to the oil rigs and put massive numbers of speckled trout in the cooler after locating the large schools of fish that congregate there. My favorite trip, though, was my most recent one, where I scouted the marshy flats of the brackish inland lakes near New Orleans for redfish. Scanning the waters for the tailing schools of feeding reds and hooking into a huge 32-inch bull was a fishing experience like no other (thanks again, Uncle Mike)!

While I may not have fished all over the world and caught every species that swims in the water, I have had the privilege of travelling to some great locations and experimenting with different tactics. I’m always open to new waters and new techniques and I’m only looking forward to what the future holds, as far as my fishing is concerned. Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse into my fishing life, I hope that it brings us closer together and bridges the virtual gap between reader and writer. Fishing is about camaraderie and connecting on the water, and that’s what I’ve tried to do since writing my first article. Thanks for coming along for the ride so far and I can’t wait to continue sharing my knowledge and experiences with you as the months roll on.