Tackle Review: BPS Enigma Smart Cast

enigmaThere are still many anglers out there who shy away from using baitcast reels, due to a preconceived fear of bird’s nests and backlashes. Most aren’t willing to spend the money to learn how to use a reel, and would rather stick with a spinning reel. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course; spinning reels are great weapons on the water. However, baitcast reels can perform in ways that spinning reels can’t, and have their own niche in the world of fishing. If you’re such an angler who’s always been a little leery when it comes to trying out a baitcaster, Bass Pro Shops has a new, inexpensive reel for you that is virtually impossible to backlash: the Enigma Smart Cast.

Comprised of dual, six-pin centrifugal brake systems that can be adjusted easily to suit any wind condition, lure, or distance requirement, the Enigma Smart Cast from Bass Pro Shops is the answer to backlashes that every angler has been waiting for. Activating at varying points in the cast, the braking pins are also color-coated, and can be effortlessly engaged or disengaged with a flick of your finger. Furthermore, the brakes stop your spool once your lure hits the water, which prevents over-spinning.

The sheer amount of setting options at your disposal make the Enigma perfect for beginners, but also great for seasoned fishermen, as well. Anglers who use the reel to practice baitcasting can adjust the settings as their skills improve, or even turn the Smart Cast feature off entirely.

The materials used in creating the Enigma are some of the most durable and practical available on the market today. The reel consists of a low-profile, graphite body and also has a double-anodized aluminum spool. An eight-bearing system, instant anti-reverse, aluminum recurve handle, and padded thumb bar round out the rest of the Enigma’s impressive traits and, combined, make quite a formidable reel. Top it all off with six different models for any situation or technique on the water, and how can you resist picking one up?

Another common deterrent that has kept most hesitant anglers from purchasing a baitcast reel is the fact that, in order to obtain a quality product, they have to spend a little more than they want. Well, the Enigma solves this problem with an easily affordable price tag of $99.99.

There are, surprisingly, many anglers who still have not picked up a baitcast reel simply due to the frustration that accompanies learning how to use one. I’ve seen people who have never used one learn the ropes in minutes, and still see veterans get backlashes every once in a while, so believe me when I say that no one’s perfect. I guarantee you that getting the hand of these reels isn’t hard at all and Bass Pro Shops’ Enigma will have you casting like a pro in no time.