Tackle Review: Koppers LiveTarget Frog

koppers_frogOne thing that always rekindles my inquisitive nature, in terms of tackle selection, is when a manufacturer that I’ve come to know as a producer of a certain style of lure debuts a completely new product. Not only does the new product catch my eye, but any angler can respect when a company tries something new. Koppers, a company known for its high-quality LiveTarget crankbaits, has done this, and recently released its own take on the soft plastic frog bait that anglers have fallen in love with.

There are many companies that are synonymous with plastic frog baits. Spro, Tru Tungsten, Scum Frog—these are all manufacturers that offer amazing products for dismantling lily pads and thick weeds. However, Koppers is poised to give them a run for their money with its new LiveTarget Frog. Like most topwater frogs, the LiveTarget Frog is hollow-bodied and possesses skirted legs that pulse with every movement it makes. The bait itself, however, is one of the most realistic-looking frogs on the market today, and raises the bar as far as a lure’s resemblance to a real prey item is concerned. This is not limited only to the ornate color patterns, but also includes its overall design and subtle, textured details, such as ears and forearms tucked close to the body.

Something that I love about the LiveTarget Frog is that, though the bait is available in four color patterns, the belly of each one is virtually the same. The pale, white stomach of each is accented with vibrant, realistic hints of coloration on the throat that perfectly imitate a real frog. Some manufacturers can go a little over the top with their color patterns and their lures suffer from loud patterns.

The LiveTarget Frog is available in two sizes—5/8oz and 3/4oz—for each color pattern, for whatever your needs may be on the water. Customers may leer at the $10 price tag, but if you consider the cost of other lures on the market, $10 for a durable, realistic product that is a favorite style among bass fisherman is well worth it. Experienced topwater frog enthusiasts will love the attention to detail and the better collapsibility the lure boasts, and those anglers who don’t use frogs that often will appreciate the lure’s effectiveness on the water.

If you’ve seen, or used, Koppers LiveTarget harbaits in the past, then you’ve experienced what quality lures can accomplish. The company’s latest product, the LiveTarget Frog, is no exception. The combination of detail and efficient design make this latest addition to Koppers’ product line worthy of the company’s logo, and well worth the price. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when searching through the topwater frog baits at your local retailer, but whether you’re an old pro looking for something different, or an angler looking to give frogs a shot, you could do a lot worse than a Koppers LiveTarget Frog.