Better Breader

A big part of fishing is enjoying our catch at the end of the day with family and friends around the table. Outdoors companies understand this, as well, and have made hundreds of products to help make the cleaning, preparation, and cooking of our hard-earned meals easier and more enjoyable. As far as fish are concerned, there are a number of ways to prepare a given species, but if your fancies lean more towards a fish fry, then Bass Pro Shops’ Better Breader is one product that deserves a permanent place in your pantry.

Having the ability to bread or batter and entire plate’s worth of fish fillets in a matter of seconds would really make the preparation process much easier, and that’s exactly what the Better Breader does. The durable, yet flexible, polypropylene contraption consists of a dual-chambered design that is separated by a filtered sifter to keep the batter/breading and fillets apart, but with a few shakes, the fillets are evenly coated and ready for the fryer.

The sifter is removable, which enables you to load and unload any ingredients easily. The Breader also possesses handle tabs that make opening, closing, and lifting it easier, especially when you don’t want to spill its contents.

While the main purpose of the Better Breader is preparing fish for the fryer, it is also great for other food, such as chicken, vegetables, and onion rings. It is also perfect for barbecue sauces, marinades—pretty much any dish that requires a coating of sauce or batter. On top of the Breader’s amazing versatility, it is also completely dishwasher safe, which makes cleanup at the end of a busy cookout a breeze. At only around 16-inches long, 7-inches wide, and 5-inches tall, the Better Breader will fit easily into a refrigerator, as well. Furthermore, with a price tag of $14.99, it fits into any budget easily, too.

While hosting a fish fry is a great way to enjoy the company of friends and family, as well as the delicious fish you’ve brought home to share, the actual process of battering each fillet can be tedious. The Better Breader from Bass Pro Shops tackles this issue and makes the process much, much smoother, allowing you to spend less time being involved with the food and more time enjoying it with your guests. Durable design, practical and versatile uses, and very, very affordable, the Better Breader may be the one ingredient that’s been missing from your cookouts for so many years.