Bass Pro Shops: The Strike

One of the most frustrating things about fishing is when we’re forced to stay indoors and forego a day on the water. This can stem from any number of reasons—thunderstorms, car or boat trouble, etc.—and cause anglers to come down with cabin fever, or worse; crankiness. Not to worry though. Where most have spent such days reorganizing tackle or preparing for the next day, now you can still enjoy the thrill of fishing without having to leave home with the help of Bass Pro Shops’ realistic fishing video game, The Strike.

Available for the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, The Strike is the perfect way to still feel that joy of fishing, even when you’re stuck indoors. The game is available by itself, but I highly recommend purchasing the bundle pack, which includes the game as well as a specially modified rod/reel controller that brings realism to new heights. With the controller, you actually cast your line, reel the handle, set the hook, and perform any action you’d experience on the water. Furthermore, the specially-designed controller is sensitive to subtle jerks and motions, which allows you to work lures exactly as you would in real life.

The game itself features amazing graphics, realistic physics, and licensed fishing gear at your disposal to be utilized on any of the 10 lakes available. Other features include 111 Bass Pro Shops lures, 11 fish species, 10 tournaments, and 9 boats. Aside from fishing an open lake at your leisure, there are also boat races and casting challenges to compete in with up to four other players, as well as varying levels of difficulty settings, to suit each level of play.

The Xbox 360 version sells for $29.99 by itself, with the bundle selling for $59.99. The Nintendo Wii version costs $29.99, with the bundle selling for $39.99. Both are amazing deals, considering both what is included in the bundle, and the current prices of video games.

While there have been many fishing video games over the years, most of them have fallen short of delivering the true experience of fishing. None have come close to the realism, excitement, and the fun of The Strike. Bass Pro Shops is the world’s leading outdoors retailer and the knowledge and love for fishing that the company has become synonymous with truly shines in The Strike. I highly suggest picking up a copy of this incredible game. After all, you never know when inclement weather or malfunctioning equipment may keep you confined indoors, but being prepared for such an occasion with The Strike will quell any cabin fever before it sets in.