Stop on a Dime with the Power Pole

For anglers, trolling motors have long been a reliable method of keeping the boat in place while picking apart a particular point or piece of structure. With a gentle tap of the foot, trolling motors can point and guide boats to certain locations, but could never really keep them in place. However, with the introduction of the Power Pole Anchor, fishermen no longer have to concentrate on adjusting the boat every few moments just to maintain the optimal position in the water.

Due to the jumpy nature of fish, anglers must make every effort to maintain stealth and a nearly invisible presence when seeking out their favorite species. When fishing shallow water, it can be difficult to effectively operate the trolling motor due to vegetation and structure. This is where the Power Pole comes in. Available in six or eight-foot models, the Power Pole lowers to the bottom swiftly, stops the boat dead in its tracks, and keeps it in place, despite wind or heavy currents.

With the aid of hydraulics, the Power Pole fully extends to the bottom in under five seconds, allowing anglers to halt their boats instantly should they see a fish or hook one while drifting. The silent pump system that the Power Pole is equipped with ensures a silent deployment that won’t disturb the fish as well.

The Power Pole’s lightweight frame has been redesigned in the Signature Series to reduce weight, due to drilled holes along the length of the frame. Much like a treated spool on a reel, this drilling cuts the weight drastically, but without any hindrance to the integrity or effectiveness of the Power Pole itself. Weighing in at around 25-pounds for both models, the Power Pole mounts directly to the transom, where it rests just above the waterline, at the ready whenever you need it. 

The Power Pole is also available in several model types, for whatever your style and needs may be. The lightweight Signature Series is ideal for serious anglers and is available in a four-foot depth model for those who primarily fish extremely shallow waters. The Pro Series offers all the effectiveness of the Signature, but without the weight reduction. For those leisure anglers with smaller watercraft, the Sportsman Series is ideal for your local water needs.

The cost of the Power Pole will vary, depending on which model and size you purchase, but be prepared to spend just over $1000 to start. Some may think this is a hefty price tag, but the cost of such products is reflective of their quality craftsmanship and usefulness on the water. As with most fishing equipment, you’ll be getting what you pay for, which, in this case, is an invaluable asset on the water. There are also a variety of accessories to accompany your Power Pole, including a travel cover and a remote control.

Advances in technology and creative ways to add practical assets to the fishing world while maintaining the joy we all feel for the outdoors is what make fishing such an exciting sport. The Power Pole does this in spades, by effectively ensuring pinpoint stopping power that allows anglers to spend more time fishing and less time trying to position their boat, something which any fisherman would welcome with open arms.