Unconventional Additions to the Tackle Box

As big and as intricate as tackle boxes have become over the years, some anglers just don’t have a need for all the bells and whistles that accompany some of the more high-end—and more expensive—models. Therefore, fishermen who rely on their tried and true tackle boxes from five, ten, or even twenty years ago, sometimes must come up with different ways to store their tackle with limited space to work with. However, whether you need to make the most out of a little bit of room, or are an owner of a tackle system built to store a seemingly endless amount of gear, here are a few unconventional additions you should consider picking up that will go a long way towards organizing and storing various items.

Ice fishermen, or fans of wax or meal worms period, might want to look into storing such bait in Tic-Tac containers this season. Not only do these little plastic cases make obtaining an individual worm easy, but they take up very little room. All it takes is a quick shake of the case and each worm rolls out without a problem. This is ideal for cold weather situations where glove removal can get a bit chilly. This is also useful for smaller items like split shots or smaller swivels.

If your preferences lean towards nightcrawlers, however, and you’re tired of digging through the dirt in your storage container for bait, I suggest using a coffee can with a lid on either end. Simply remove the bottom and fasten another lid and you’ll never have to dig for worms again.

Tired of your bobbers rolling around in your tackle box? Well the next time you go through a dozen eggs, hand onto the carton and store your bobbers in it. Not only will this make organizing them a breeze, but they’ll stay in place during your next trip out to the lake.

Organizing hooks can be difficult, not to mention, painful. However, one trick I’ve been using for a little while eliminates rummaging through sharp hooks to find the size or style I need and only requires an everyday office supply. I use a safety pin to store each hook style. By simply threading the eye of the hook onto the pin and fastening it closed, I can store and organize each type easily. This works great on snaps and swivels as well.

Those are just a few tips that have been shared with me throughout the years and believe me when I say that they work. Sometimes to get more efficiency from our tackle box, we have to think outside the box and look to everyday items to make things easier. Not only are these items inexpensive and easy to find, but they save space and help better store our items, which any angler will tell you, is one of the most important things on the water.