Tackle Review: BPS Z9 Perch

When a company makes a new product, two things usually happen: the product fails and no one buys it, or it is so well-received and so revolutionary that it is improved upon. Throughout the years, the fishing realm has seen hundreds of products miss the mark and fall into obscurity. However, there have also been several amazing pieces of tackle that have changed the way we fish. Several years ago, Bass Pro Shops released the Z9 Swimbait, which customers immediately fell in love with. Then, the company shrunk the lure down and created the Mini Z9, which disappeared from shelves almost overnight! Not wanting to disappoint eager anglers, Bass Pro Shops recently released a newly modified version of the Z9 that I’d like to highlight in today’s Tackle Review: the Z9 Perch.

If you’ve read my series on swimbaits a while back, then you know all about the effectiveness of Bass Pro Shops’ Z9 swimbaits. The lures possess a side-to-side, snakelike action in the water that I’ve not seen matched by any other swimbait on the market. Whether you use a steady retrieve or a quick, jerking one, the bait’s action is so appealing to nearly any species. I’ve literally watched bluegill smaller than the original Z9 strike the lure repeatedly during the retrieve. The new Z9 Perch is no exception.

The overall design of the lure is pretty much the same as the previous Z9 versions, but the body is larger and made to resemble the deep body of a bluegill or perch, which it does perfectly. The Z9 Perch is constructed of the same durable material as the original Z9 as well, so it will hold up to grueling conditions and even the toothiest species in the water.

The real beauty of the Z9 Perch, however, is the realistic paint job and attention to detail. Available in a green perch and bluegill pattern, the detail in the eyes, fins, and gills is impressively well-done. I’ve only seen a truly lifelike bluegill color pattern on a few lures over the years and so far, the Z9 is the best one out there.

Weighing in at only ¾ oz, and measuring in at 3 ½ inches, the Z9 perch is the perfect size for a number of species. Furthermore, it only costs $9.99, which is nothing compared to other swimbaits of similar style on the market today.

With the most realistic coloration I’ve seen on a swimbait to date, amazing action that knows no equal in the water, and a durable design that holds up to nearly anything you can throw it at, Bass Pro Shops’ Z9 Perch really shows you what happens when a company finds a way to improve upon perfection. If you’ve already fallen in love with the other Z9’s, or even if you’ve never picked one up, this lure is one of the most effective lures on the market. Don’t take my word for it, though. Head over to your nearest Bass Pro Shops and see for yourself. I promise you won’t regret it.