Fishing as a Date

Fishing can be a great bonding experience. Whether it’s with a group of children or with your best friend, sharing a bit of natural serenity on the water with someone, with nothing but the splash of a lure and casual conversation as noise, is a great way to spend the day. Fishing can also be a fun and creative date, as well. Sharing something that you enjoy with your significant other is an important part of a relationship, and it is a great way to grow as a couple. It does, however, require a bit of preparation, patience, and an easy-going attitude to make the day enjoyable. Today I’ve comprised a guide, of sorts, that will help you turn your time on the water into a day of memories with your significant other.

So your date has agreed to go fishing with you. That’s already a plus in my book. Anytime a girlfriend who’s never fished can put in a day on the water, it’s a good sign. Odds are, however, that you’ll need to offer a lot of assistance in terms of baiting the hook and removing the fish. Take this as an opportunity to teach your significant other and take pride when they use what you’ve taught them and eventually don’t need your help. Don’t baby them or look over their shoulder the entire time. Show them how and then show your confidence in them by taking a step back. In my experiences, it doesn’t take long before they’re able to cast like a pro. The real fun starts when they hook into that first fish and you can see the excitement on their face as they fight to reel it in.

If you plan to be on the water for a while, I suggest preparing a lunch for the two of you to share. On a boat, packing a cooler is a great idea, while on the shore, bringing a blanket and a cooler and having a picnic is even better. Also, making the food together that morning or the day before is a great way to extend the experience. The only other thing I suggest bringing is a camera to hold onto the memories you’ll share. Fishing isn’t limited to just the fish you catch, but also the funny moments that always come along. Be silly and have fun with each other, because that’s really what makes the day memorable.

Fishing is not your typical, dinner-and-a-movie, type of date. If someone’s never done it before, or isn’t really interested in it, it can take some quick thinking to ensure that the day isn’t a total loss. The key is to take each moment as it comes and find the positive in any moment that comes along. Take tons of pictures and, most importantly, have fun. Remember that you’re there to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company while sharing the experience.