Tackle Review: Trilene XL Armor Coated Line

The world of fishing demands a lot, of both anglers and the companies that provide them with equipment, alike. Anglers must continually be on their toes to adapt to whatever behavior the fish are exhibiting at any given moment, and tackle companies must constantly create products that utilize science, physics, and engineering to maintain peak performance and efficiency on the water. From reels to rods, and everything in between, revolutionary products are released each year, each one seeming to take fishing to a new level. Berkley, a company that needs no introduction, has once again released a product that pushes the bounds of technology and science in the form of its new Trilene XL Armor Coated fishing line.

Created by Berkley with efficiency in mind, and utilizing the company’s Bi-Component technology, the Trilene XL Armor line works like a double-edged sword, in terms of performance in the water. Conceptually a monofilament line, the XL Armor is actually two lines in one, both of which come together to create a line that takes abrasion resistance to a new level.

There are two levels of material hard at work within XL Armor, bonded together to create a composite line that many anglers are falling in love with. At its core, the XL Armor line possesses a flexible foundation line that allows for a bit of stretch that will come in handy when fighting large fish or when faced with sudden strikes or head shakes. The line’s outer layer consists of an abrasion-resistant coating that resists nicks, teeth, structure—pretty much whatever you throw it at.

Trilene’s XL Armor Coated line is available in line sizes from 10 to 20-pound test, and comes in spools of 220 yards. Furthermore, the line comes in a green color that is nearly invisible in the water and only costs $9.99 per spool. Oh, and did I mention that the line is made in the United States? With such technological qualities at a great price, any angler would be foolish not to give Trilene’s XL Armor Coated line a try this season.

From filet knives to crankbaits, from fishing line to fishing rods, Berkley is a company notorious for consistently putting out quality products time and time again, at price ranges that appeal to all wallet sizes. The company’s latest addition to its line arsenal, the Trilene XL Armor Coated line, is just another notch on the company’s belt, in terms of well-received tackle. If the company’s already impressive collection of line on the market is any testament to the quality it has become known for, then the decision as to whether or not you should give this latest product a try should be a no-brainer.