Strike King Fishing Log App

Preparation is a big part of any fishing trip. There are weather patterns to follow, locations to navigate, schedules to keep up with, and pictures to take when you reel in the big one. Usually, this means fishermen are managing several lists and websites simultaneously in an effort to keep track of all the details of not only their trips, but the action on the water throughout the season. Well, now Apple users (and soon, Android market users, as well), have access to an app that helps them keep track of all their fishing data, as well as other relevant information, as Strike King, a tackle company known for its incredible products, released the Strike King Fishing Log App on iTunes this January.

Strike King’s app, designed to change the way anglers store data, log fishing information, and plan for future trips, is the company’s attempt at an all-in-one resource center not only for its customers, but all fishermen. At its core, the app is a HUB of fishing information that enables its users to effortlessly collect, store, and analyze data on the fly for future reference. Furthermore, the app can be linked with Strike King’s Web Portal, which allows anglers to store and sort their collected data online.

The Strike King Fishing Log App includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following features: weather conditions, including temperature, barometric pressure, wind, and moon phases, Google Maps-assisted GPS, which allows waypoint capture and instant location storage, electronic equipment libraries to store your current gear, as well as stay up-to-date with new Strike King products, fish libraries, and photo galleries, with the ability to instantly upload your photos to Facebook.

Presently, iTunes users can purchase the app for $1.99, while Android market users will have access to it very soon. Strike King’s Web Portal is located at the company’s website and requires a membership, as well as an annual fee of $29.99. This added program does come at a cost, but goes a long way towards storing all your fishing data in one convenient location.

The Fishing Log App from Strike King is a great example of how tackle companies are learning to utilize technology to provide anglers with a more rewarding and enjoyable fishing experience, on and off the water. We’ve all been there: juggling Mapquest maps, jotting down names and numbers of local guides or tackle shops, and checking the weather each morning to plan our trips. This app captures all the necessary data that an angler may need and reels it into a program created by a legendary tackle company, and designed for every angler on the water.