St. Croix Legend Walleye Series

Within the fishing community, there are certain tackle companies that need no introduction. Strike King, Shimano, Shakespeare—all are manufacturers that have made a name for themselves and raised the bar, throughout the years, as far as tackle quality is concerned. When it comes to legendary rod companies, there are a few that immediately spring to mind, and one such company is St. Croix. Well-known for its impressive rod selection—Legend, Avid, and Premier, to name a few—that utilizes only the best graphite, as well as unmatched warranties and customer service, St. Croix recently introduced yet another series aimed towards a specific type of fish: walleye.

The St. Croix Legend Walleye Tournament series is comprised of rods that can pitch jigs and minnows effortlessly and also possess the backbone to pull a crankbait through the water. Furthermore, St. Croix redesigned its SC graphite blanks for the series, which makes the Legend Walleye rods truly revolutionary. The blanks now include a nano silica resin for improved durability throughout their lifespan. The rods possess Tangle Free Fuji guides, with Alconite ring inserts for smoother casting and resistance to thin braided lines. The tips now have smaller Fuji guides, which reduces weight and makes the rod much lighter.

The Legend Walleye series consists of twelve spinning variations, as well as one casting model, for a variety of techniques or styles. Much like the Mojo Bass rods, the different Walleye Tournament rods are designed for specific purposes, and include the following tactic-specific options: Classic Jig, Vertical Jig, Jig-N-Rig, Snap Jig, Finesse, Riggin’, Slip-N-Rig, and the Drift-N-Float. The casting model is entitled Bounce-N-Troll. No matter what technique you utilize for walleye, you’re covered with this series.

The rods in the series start out with a $230 price tag, with the most expensive model (the Drift-N-Float) coming in at $250. Some may be slightly intimidated by the cost, but once you hold a St. Croix rod in your hand, you’ll realize immediately that the sensitivity and strength are worth it (ask to do the throat hum test). Also, the unrivaled graphite and American-made craftsmanship know no comparison. The series is also covered by St. Croix’s excellent Lifetime Warranty, which any St. Croix user will tell you is well worth the higher cost.

St. Croix has long been known as one of the forerunners in the rod industry, and with good reason. Their different series of products, ranging from their Triumph to the Legend Tournaments, have proven to be durable, lightweight rods that continue to perform again and again. Now the company has added Legend Walleye Tournament rods to their lineup and provided walleye anglers with more great options. If you fancy yourself a walleye fisherman and have been waiting for a technique-specific rod, or just need a new one for the arsenal, check out the Legend Walleye Tournament series and know that with the St. Croix name stamped on them, you’re getting one of the best rods out there.