Throwing Spinnerbaits This Spring?

One of the most popular bass lures—and arguably one that’s synonymous with the sport—is the spinnerbait. With spring pretty much in full swing and bass fishing booming throughout the country, the spinnerbait will be a staple go-to lure for nearly every angler when they hit the water this season, and with good reason. Spinnerbaits have earned their right to be placed among the top lures for bass anglers because of their efficiency, consistency, and versatility on the water. I’m getting ahead of myself, though. Keep reading for an inside look at throwing spinnerbaits this spring and learn how to get more out of them on the water.

One trait that makes spinnerbaits so popular is their flexibility. They can be fished at nearly any depth, from top to bottom, which is a great asset to have at your disposal. For instance, when the water is cooler—in the morning, for example—they work best when fished slowly along the bottom. As the water warms up throughout the day, you can fish it shallower and faster. Try experimenting with different depths and speeds as the day progresses until you find what works.

Water clarity and temperature will play a large role in what spinnerbait you use, as well. Generally a combination of cold and mud will make water pretty much unfishable. However, warm (65-degrees or warmer), muddy water can be fished with a spinnerbait if you fish as shallow as possible. As I’ve said in previous articles, use a spinnerbait with a blade that creates more vibration when the clarity is low. However, when the water temperatures drop, fish are less aggressive, so you’ll want less vibration. Vibration will also help you feel when you hav a strike, as bass don’t always let you know when they strike. Once you feel the vibration stop, odds are you’ve got a sneaky fish on the line. The trick is finding the right combination of lure features that match with the water conditions.

Let’s face it, there are plenty of days when all you have to do is cast a spinnerbait and reel it in. This can be said of many baits, though, and also, you can’t predict when a blessed day such as that will arrive. Fish aren’t always so aggressive, and preparing yourself with a few tricks up your sleeve is smart. Hopefully, the tips outlined above will better equip you for the water this spring and turn you into a deadly spinnerbait sniper.