Fishing With Tubes

In the world of bass fishing, there are certain baits that are so versatile and effective, that they almost negate the need for any other lure. Almost. After all, if we only needed one type of lure, a lot of companies would be out of business. However, one that is right at the top of the list is the tube. Soft plastic tubes are one of the most successful baits on the market, and can be utilized in a number of ways to suit conditions on a given day. Keep reading to find out the many ways you can use plastic tube baits to fill your livewell on your next trip to the lake.

There are a few ways to rig a tube, and which technique you choose will depend on the conditions on the water. Using a jighead is one of the most popular tube rigs, and works very well in clear water with little vegetation or cover, especially when worked along the edges of grass. The concentrated weight of the jighead creates a more erratic action, which fish go crazy over.

When the water is filled with cover or plantlife, a Texas rig is a good choice. This presentation works well because the position of the weight has an effect on the falling action of the tube. The weight can make it spiral a bit, or punch straight to the bottom. There are tubes designed for Texas rigs, which have harder tips and tend to be larger than standard tubes. I suggest using these models when opting for the Texas rig.

Rigging a tube weightless can yield great results, as well, especially around docks and shallow vegetation. The removal of a weight allows the tube to fall naturally, which will appeal to lurking fish. Also, you can find great success with a dropshot rig outfitted with a smaller sized tube. This setup enables the tube’s skirt to waft, which resembles a small baitfish and will draw strikes.

Tubes possess a rare versatility that only a select few other lures share. They can be fished effectively at any depth, and work great in both shallow and deep water alike. Furthermore, it can mimic nearly any prey item that bass feed on. You can swim tubes like a baitfish, work it along the bottom like a crawfish, or twitch it during a fall to draw a strike. Why more people don’t use tubes is truly beyond me. If you’ve never used tubes before, it’s time to pick some up and discover what you’ve been missing this whole time. Just be sure to bring some tissue, because you might shed a tear or two.