As Seen on TV Tackle

Hundreds of us have been there; channel surfing late at night when there’s nothing on TV and we stumble across an infomercial. For some of us, this can be dangerous, as the enthusiastic spokespeople and testimonies from “customers” can be quite enticing. I myself have ordered one or two things that I’ve seen on TV, including fishing tackle, and I know I’m not alone. It can be difficult to sift through quality items, and many would argue that any piece of tackle sold on TV isn’t worth much on the water. Today I’m spotlighting three pieces of tackle that fall within the “As Seen on TV” category, so keep reading to decide whether or not you should keep clicking through channels the next time you can’t sleep.

I’ve talked with many fishermen about the Doug Hannon Fishing Snake, which is supposedly the ultimate huge bass lure. As its name implies, the Fishing Snake is a long, soft plastic snake that you twitch across the water’s surface. In regions where snakes are more prevalent, and thus more popular prey items for large bass, the concept sounds like a no-brainer. However, the large size and bright colors aren’t exactly practical for more northern areas where snakes aren’t common and bass aren’t very large. You can visit the website for the Fishing Snake to watch videos of anglers using the snake, to decide for yourself if it looks effective. The Fishing Snake is also on the more expensive side, as far as tackle packages go, which is another factor to take into consideration.

There are some who can remember seeing infomercials for the Instant Fisherman, which has seen some design improvements over the years. When it was first released, the Instant Fisherman was a close-faced fishing combo that collapsed into itself like a telescope. The line fed through the rod internally and the entire combo came with a carrying case. The latest model is a folding combo that extends telescopically, but the line is external. Designed to appeal to casual anglers on the go and young beginners, the Instant Fisherman actually falls quite short of its claims. I’ve spoken with many anglers who have used it and heard stories of the product breaking within the first few casts or simply doesn’t work right out of the box. In all honesty, do yourself a favor and just keep channel surfing should you come across this product.

Stay up late enough and it’s only a matter of time before you are introduced to the Banjo Minnow. You can check out my full review on the Banjo Minnow to get an accurate picture for consideration. I will say that out of the three products covered today, the Banjo Minnow is probably the most reliable. I’ve used it and have had great luck, though I don’t feel as if the majority of items in the kit are useful. Stick with the smallest minnow and you’ll be fine.

As Seen on TV tackle is commonly not worth the money. I know the “real life” testimonies and footage of these products in action can be tempting, but I suggest resisting the urge to splurge and stick with the tackle that’s worked consistently for you on the water.