My Go-To’s for Summer Bass

For many anglers, summer is one of the few times of the year when opportunities to get out on the water are plentiful. However, many summer anglers become discouraged when the bite slows during the hot days. To increase the odds of getting strikes and hook ups during the hot summer months, fishermen will need to make sure they use the right techniques. Today, I’ve made up a small list of my favorite tactics for bass fishing in the summer that will help make sure that the few months you’re able to hit the water are rewarding.

One of the favorite tactics that experienced anglers employ during the summer is topwater. Early in the morning and during the evening, topwater lures such as buzzbaits, poppers, and walking baits like spooks are deadly. They cover a lot of water and will help you locate fish fairly quickly. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the explosion of a bass hitting a topwater lure early in the morning.

Once the topwater bite dies down, it may be time to tie on a stick bait, or jerkbait. Beneath the surface, these lures cover a lot of water fast and will work wonders when retrieved with a fast rip followed by a pause.

Another tactic I’ve had good luck with during the summer is drop shotting, especially when I’m fishing deep water with a fair amount of clarity. I like to rig the drop shot with 12 to 15-lb test line and a good size worm for grass or structure, but I’ll switch to lighter line and a small shad when I’m fishing open water. Speaking of worms, you can also tie on a big worm and use finesse tactics around ledges or bends in creek channels. 10-inch worms, Texas rigged with heavy bullet weights on strong line will surprise you with the results it yields, so this rig is always a good idea. Also, don’t be intimidated or skeptical of the 10-inch worm; even smaller bass will swallow a worm whole.

Lastly, it’s always smart to throw deep crankbaits and make some noise along the bottom. With 15 to 17-lb test line that allows these beauties to run deep, you can do some serious damage by banging it along the rocks and structure at the bottom, so don’t be afraid to tie one on and fish it as deep as you can.

On a given summer day, any number of tactics will yield results, but the lures and techniques listed above have been favorites among the fishing community for years when the summer heat sets in. There’s a reason they’re go-to’s for many fishermen: they work. The next time you hit the water this summer and find that certain tactics aren’t working out so well, do yourself a favor and read through the list above. You’ll be glad you did.