Tackle Review: MirrOlure She Dog

When it comes to fishing saltwater, the tackle we use needs to be able to hold up not only to the tough fish that prowl the waters, but also the wear and tear that salty conditions bring. Big fish like tarpon, or toothy ones like grouper will attack a lure with unrelenting force, while sand and salt do their best to corrode and muck up the workings of reels or lures. For this reason, saltwater lures are made to last, especially topwater baits that take a pounding. Topwater lures are a staple in every saltwater angler’s tackle box and today’s Tackle Review spotlights a recent release by MirrOlure, the She Dog.

The She Dog, a hard plastic topwater bait from MirrOlure, floats and slashes through even the choppiest of surfaces during the retrieve. Using the Walk-the-Dog tactic, the She Dog entices fish from greater distances with the help of two internal rattles that emit a high frequency sound. Anyone who’s fished topwater for channel tarpon or snook can tell you how effective the lures are, and the addition of an internal rattle almost makes it not even fair. Almost.

Available in ten different color patterns, the She Dog measures in at four inches and weighs around ¾ ounce. The large size gets it out there on the cast and creates a great profile in the water that works wonders in the chop or on overcast days when topwater lures are at their deadliest. Also, the lure only costs $8.49, which is incredibly affordable, especially for a saltwater lure.

My only real complaint with the She Dog: the lack of variety in color patterns. There are a few standouts in the lineup—the chartreuse/black being my favorite—but many of the colors are slight color tweaks of each other. Also, for a topwater saltwater lure, I was surprised at the absence of a Clown color pattern, which has been a reliable favorite pattern for years. The She Dog’s colors aren’t bad, I just wish there were more of a variation.

Topwater lures are a saltwater angler’s best friend. Whether you’re in backwater channels or fishing the choppy surf from shore, the side to side action of a topwater lure produces time and time again, and the She Dog from MirrOlure is no exception. With a durable plastic body, large size, and enticing internal rattles, the She Dog will earn a permanent spot in your tackle box after your first time using it.