Tackle Review: Berkley Havoc Sick Fish Swimbait

Swimbaits are among the most popular and most effective lures one can throw these days. Their baitfish mimicking action in the water appeals to a variety of species throughout the country and has made them one of the staples in any angler’s tackle box. The cool thing about swimbaits—and other lures, as well—is that companies are constantly looking for ways to make them better. Berkley, along with legendary angler Skeet Reese, has done such with the release of the Havoc Sick Fish swimbait.

At first glance, the Sick Fish will blow you away with its incredibly realistic design. The plastic body features meticulously detailed characteristics, such as a thin, wavy tail and textured scales all over the body. The slender body also possesses a variety of lower fins that create more water displacement during the retrieve. Also, the bait features Berkley’s signature scent, which does a great job at attracting fish from great distances.

Once you move past the impressive body design, the Sick Fish’s color patterns will leave you speechless. Available in six different lifelike colors—clear bream, chartreuse shad, disco shad, ghost minnow, light hitch, and my personal favorite, Tennessee shad—that appeal to a variety of fish, the Sick Fish is force to be reckoned with.

The Sick Fish also comes in three different lengths—three inch, four inch, and 5 ½ inch. This variety will help you target specific fish when the money, or bragging rights, are on the line. Perhaps one of the greatest features of the Sick Fish is the price. At only $2.99 for a pack of two baits, you’ll be able to easily afford several different colors or sizes without doing too much damage to your wallet.

A realistic design, truly inspired color patterns, low cost, and the signature scent Berkley is famous for have combined to make the Sick Fish one impressive specimen of a swimbait this holiday season. If you fancy yourself a swimbait fan or are just in need of restocking your tackle box before the spring, check out the Havoc Sick Fish swimbait the next time you’re out. You’ll be glad you did.