What Type of Angler Are You?

Fishing can truly bring out the hidden quirks of someone’s personality. Not only that, but we bring a lot of ourselves to the sport, which makes every angler a little different on the water and creates great opportunities for memories and excitement. Recently, a friend of mine and I tried to categorize and describe the different fishing personalities we’ve seen on the water over the years and we compiled a list for your consideration today. Take a look and see if you fall into one or more of these descriptions!

The “Pro”

Easily spotted on the road by the dozens of decals and stickers on his truck. He’s got all the toys, from a Powerpole to the best Humminbird imaging system, and may even fish in tournaments now and then.

The Rookie

We all started with this title. The Rookie asks a lot of questions, such as why you aren’t fishing the deepest part of the lake. Most rookies think fishing is strictly a bobber and worm, sit and wait, activity. They’re usually attracted to the sport through a friend or they caught a fishing show on TV early one Saturday morning.

The Rescuer

Like the people who have to get every coin in Super Mario, or every ring in Sonic the Hedgehog, The Rescuer will go to great lengths to preserve every hook, every sinker, and every lure. He will dive into the water to retrieve a lost lure, balance precariously on fallen timber to unsnag a crankbait, and trespass on someone’s dock or backyard to rescue a wayward swimbait.

The Philosopher

On the water simply for the relaxation and peace, The Philosopher really isn’t even there for the fish. Sure he’ll cast a line out, but it’s not about catching fish to him. Many of them reach a point of self-realization…and take up fly fishing.

The Addict

This is the guy who spends more time on the water than at home with his family. The guy who squeezes in an hour on the water before work, during his lunch break, and after clocking out. Identified by the ratio of fishing pictures to family pictures on his desk at work.

The Storyteller

Always has the best fishing stories, but for some reason, there’s never a camera or other person around to prove the tales. Keep an ear open for an increase in fish size or weight each time the same story is told.

The Trophy Seeker

Has the most patience you’ve ever seen, and will fish a deep weed bed all day in search of the state record. Trophy seekers are there for one thing: big fish.

The Analyst

Fishing is a class for these guys, and involves hours of reading and study. They love to learn why and how fish behave the way they do, and ask questions to challenge what you “think” you know about fishing.

Mr. Rabbit’s Foot

The most superstitious guy on the water. Whether it’s a lucky lure, lucky hat, or even luck pair of boxers, these guys are convinced something they say or wear will bring them good luck on the water. There are some who don’t even wash after having a good day on the lake. Yikes.

The Record-Keeper

Documents each and every catch with a photo, no matter how small or large the fish. Uploads each photo to Facebook that second so everyone can see it. After all, you never know if that 14.5” bass will be the only fish you catch all day, so you’d better take a picture of it.

The Prodigy

We all kind of hate this guy a little. The Prodigy is just a normal guy who always seems to have a great day on the water. He always has that cast that pulls in a huge fish. We fish the same spots he does, using the same baits, without any luck while he kills it. Hopefully, the Prodigy you know isn’t one to brag. That just makes it worse.

The Mute

Doesn’t share secrets, honey holes, fishing reports, or any other information that might help you catch fish, especially if you’re fishing in his neck of the woods. Yet, often times, he’s the one who asks the most questions. Hmmm.

So what type of angler are you? Did any of these personalities seem to describe you or someone you know? I can relate to a few of them in different ways, myself. Now that you’ve read them, I’m sure you’ll take more notice of these characteristics in yourself and others on the water!