Tackle Review: Medussa Swimbait

Have you ever walked through the fishing department of Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, or Dicks Sporting Goods and taken a double take at the some of the lures in the muskie aisle? I remember when I first saw the gigantic baits used to entice these predators. However, when it comes to Tackle Reviews, muskie anglers need love, too, which is why today’s review highlights a muskie lure that will have you doing double, triple, and even quadruple takes the first time you see it. Keep reading for a closer look at the Medussa swimbait.

The first time you look at the Medussa swimbait, it catches you off guard. The second time you look at it, it fascinates you and you have to buy it. The swimbait features a very distinguishable feature: three ribbontails that drive muskie crazy. This triple-tail design provides an erratic, water-displacing action that attracts muskie from the thickest weeds to investigate and attack.

An internal harness embedded within the bait’s durable plastic body connects to the two sturdy treble hooks that will keep fish hooked during even the most harrowing fight. Furthermore, along the sides and top of the bait you’ll notice a serrated fin, which creates even more water displacement and thus, more of an appeal for strikes. One really cool element to the Medussa is its versatility as a lure. You can rip it through the water, fish it like a jerkbait, or just utilize a straight up cat-and-retrieve technique, and it will still get the job done.

The Medussa is available in eight attractive color patterns—black with an orange tail, sucker, firetiger, white, copperback, clown, hot perch, and charged cisco (white and blue striped)—all of which look amazing. The bait is available in two lengths—nine and twelve inches—which cost $15.99 and $23.99 respectively, and are pretty affordable, as far as muskie lures go.

The Medussa swimbait is a muskie’s dream meal. With the flash and erratic action of a triple-tailed design, brilliant color patterns, and a well-crafted body, what muskie wouldn’t strike right away? If you fancy yourself a muskie angler, and are in the market for a few new lures, the Medussa will be an effective, affordable addition to your tackle box this season.