Tackle Review: Arbogast Buzz Plug

Fishing has been around for many years, and throughout that time, many lures have arrived on the market. That being said, it takes a special lure to make you go, “Hmmm.” Even better, it takes a special lure that can do that and then after you use it, make you head back to the store to buy more. Today’s Tackle Review focuses on one such lure, the Buzz Plug from Arbogast, which, at first glance, will spark your curiosity, but will make you a fan after a few casts.

Arbogast is a company known for topwater lures with unusual designs, such as the Hula Popper or the Jitterbug. The Buzz Plug is the new recruit in this impressive lineup and brings to the table a new twist on topwater action. It does this with a floating body that resembles a backwards, slightly flattened crankbait that possesses a propeller in the front and an upturned double hook in the rear. Yeah, it looks just like it sounds; crazy. However, it gets the job done.

The Buzz Plug’s design allows you to pause it near underwater structure and entice a strike. This is achieved when the front portion of the lure rises out of the water on the pause. Other than pausing the bait, you can use a steady retrieve to create an erratic wobble on the surface that fish can’t resist, or a stop-and-go twitching retrieve, all the while utilizing the water-churning propeller to create a lot of noise on the surface.

The lure’s upturned double hook rests in the perfect hook-up position whether you’re retrieving it or allowing it to pause in the water. Furthermore, the hook’s upturned design allows the lure itself to be nearly weedless, which means it’s perfect for grass or other types of cover.

Available in three color patterns—black, perch, and frog—the Buzz Plug weighs an ounce, is equipped with a sharp, strong 3/0 double hook, and only costs $5.99, which is a steal, especially for a hard plastic lure.

If you’ve been looking for a change in your topwater game, then the Buzz Plug is the way to go. Not only does it offer a change of presentation for the bass to investigate, but Arbogast’s esteemed reputation for creating quality, effective topwater baits is an added reassurance. Pick one up this season and you won’t have to wait long to hear the explosion of a topwater strike!