Prepare for Unpredictable Spring Weather

Thank the Lord, spring’s arrival is right around the corner! The increased consistency in warmer weather has anglers in many regions making preparations to hit the water, if they haven’t already started doing so. While it is great to see light at the end of winter’s tunnel, spring doesn’t always mean it’s time to break out the flip flops or shorts. Here are some tips to stay prepared for the unpredictable spring weather.

Although the weather on the ground may feel exponentially warmer than winter has caused us to be used to, the temperature on the water won’t be. Water temperatures will still be anywhere between ten to twenty degrees cooler. This, in turn, causes the air temperature on the water to be cooler, especially when there is a breeze. Furthermore, it takes longer for the water temperature to rise than the air temperature, so you’ll notice that the air temperature can be 45 degrees in the morning, then be into the 70’s by the afternoon. You can be warm one minute and cold the next if the wind picks up. Because of this, you’ll need to be prepared with plenty of warm clothing, and the best way to dress this time of year is with layers.

In addition to layers, it’s a great idea to have a rain suit nearby. Even if the weather forecast isn’t calling for rain, rain suits are great to wear this time of year, because they work so well at keeping the wind and cold air out, while keeping body heat trapped inside. Another advantage to a rain suit is the hood, which keeps your head protected from the elements and keeps the body heat from escaping. A rain suit hood works well at keeping our body at a comfortable temperature. If you’re cold put it up and it will keep the heat in. Get a little warm and you can take it off for a while to let some of the heat out.

You can’t neglect the extremities, and a great way to keep your hands and feet warm is with lightweight gloves and close-toed shoes with lightweight wool socks. Gloves can be a little difficult to wear while you’re fishing, but in between locations when you’re on the move, they can feel like your best friends.

Early spring is still a transitional stage, temperature-wise, so you’ll still want to be prepared for unreliable conditions on the water throughout the day. Bringing along a few pairs of gloves, rainproof clothing, and dressing in layers will help you achieve this goal. Nobody likes being cold, so dress to keep warm and you’ll have a lot more fun!