Tackle Review: Owner Jig Rig Hook

Often times, while browsing the fishing department or website of our local retailer, we head right to the lures, reels, and rods when we want to find the newest products. However, there are dozens of gems hidden elsewhere throughout the department, ranging from line, tools, and hooks. Such a hidden gem was introduced to the fishing market recently in the form of the jig rig hook from Owner, a well-established hook company. Keep reading for a Tackle Review of Owner’s jig rig hook.

Soft plastics are among the most popular bait choices for anglers, for many reasons. The jig rig hook offers yet another way to rig plastics weedless and fish along the bottom with ease, even among weeds and other objects. The wide gap hook accomplishes this feat with the aid of a slim tungsten weight that is attached to it. The weight stays close to the hook and the bait, and allows any plastic to sink to the bottom unhindered. Keeping the weight fixed near the bait also allows you to cast it far and very accurately.

The jig rig’s weight and hook are attached to each other via a small ring. This ring also allows both the weight and the bait to move independently of each other, which creates a smoother, more natural, presentation during the retrieve, even when worked slowly across the bottom. When rigged with lizard or crawfish imitating plastics during the spawn season, the jig rig will be absolutely deadly.

Owner’s jig rig hook is available in four different models and comes two to a pack. Size 1 costs $8.99, 1/0 with a 3/16 oz weight costs $9.49, 3/0 with a 3/16 oz weight costs $10.49, and the 5/0 with a ¼ oz weight will run you $11.99. Considering the quality of Owner’s hooks, along with the inclusion of finely crafted tungsten weights, these prices are a steal.

Weedless soft plastics are scary effective, especially among vegetation or during the spawn season, and Owner’s jig rig hook allows anglers to rig their plastic baits like never before. The close proximity of the weight to the bait allows for farther casts, more accuracy, and a better presentation during the retrieve. Check it out when you hit the stores this spring and consider adding it to the tackle box! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!