Tackle Review: Simms Headwaters Fishing Vest

As I’ve said in previous articles, fly fishing is quite different from using spinning or casting gear in many ways. One such way is the fact that, most of the time, fly anglers don’t have a boat to keep gear stowed for easy access at a moment’s notice; they carry most of their gear on them. It is for this reason that fishing vests are so popular among the fly fishing community. Today’s tackle review spotlights a new vest from a legendary fly fishing company, so keep reading to learn more about the Headwaters fishing vest from Simms.

At first glance, you’ll notice that the Headwaters vest is designed for warm weather excursions to the river or the salty flats. Aside from the pockets, it’s completely crafted of polyester mesh fabric, which allows your body to breathe and stay cool on hot days, and also reduces the overall weight of the vest itself, which is a great bonus. The pockets, however, are comprised of nylon fabric, which is lightweight, but tough. The collar is padded with knitted fabric, which prevents discomfort.

Anglers who live by the phrase, “Better to have too much than not enough,” will love that the vest possesses 19 pockets. Yes, you read correctly: 19 pockets! The Headwaters is equipped with six chest pockets, four vertical waist pockets, eight internal pockets, and one horizontal back pocket. This allows you to bring all your necessary gear, as well as several extra items.

Other features of the Headwaters vest include two built-in retractors, YKK zippers and buckle closure, and self-fabric binding tape. It’s available in five different sizes and only costs $99.99, which is a great deal considering the storage options and comfort that the vest brings to the table.

Fly anglers looking for a good summer vest, or one to take with them on a trip to the flats, will want to take a second look at the Headwaters vest from Simms. Not only does the vest offer nearly 20 storage pockets for all your gear while keeping you cool with its mesh design, but the reputation of Simms, a legendary fly fishing establishment, is enough to quell any doubts.