Post-Rain Tips

Anglers deal with a lot of things they can’t control; fish moods and the weather being the two most aggravating culprits sometimes. The weather can have all sorts of positive or negative impacts on your day, so it’s important to know how to adjust your tactics when faced with any one of the changes that may occur. Fishing after a heavy rain is one such instance where a change in strategy is called for, and today I’ve got a few tips for you on how to do this.

If conditions are sunny after a rain, bass can be found closer to cover, since the sudden brightness will contrast with the cloudy rain they became used to. Slow down your presentation and work close to cover if this is the case.

Your approach to the day will also depend on whether the rain was warm or cold. In spring, a warm rain can really turn the bass on quicker than anything, because it will warm the water rapidly, while a cold rain can have the opposite effect.

The intensity of the rain is another very important factor. With a heavy rain, you can expect a lot of run-off, so it’s smart to check the areas you normally fish to see how muddy the water has become. If these areas were clear and then became muddy, the bass will be hard to find. The first place you’ll need to look for them will be where the muddy water meets the clear, since this is where bass will move to feed.

Look to see if the lake has risen at all after a heavy rain. If so, then bass will make a strong move toward the banks. While this can mean great fishing, sometimes local wildlife authorities will open the floodgates to lower the water levels, which can have the opposite effect. Bass are reluctant to move shallow, even during the spawn, and if water levels are falling fishing will become tough.

Fishing after a heavy rain can help or hurt your odds, but if you study the situation and remember a few basics about fishing in such conditions, you’ll be in good shape. Keep in mind that if the water is rising, fish will move shallower, and if the water is falling they will move out deeper. While you can’t control the weather, or the effect it has on fish, you can control how you handle the situation when fishing after a heavy rain. Pay close attention to the conditions on the water and keep an eye on the weather before, during, and after the rain, and you’ll have good luck.