Tackle Review: Rage Tail Toad

Normally, when it comes to Tackle Reviews, I tend to highlight a newer product, in an attempt to provide information for those of you who may not be aware of such tackle. Today, however, I wanted to shine the spotlight on a product that’s been around for several years, but whose innovative design and effectiveness on the water have continued to make it an angler favorite. Keep reading for a review of Strike King’s Rage Tail Toad.

Any angler who’s used topwater baits before can attest to the excitement that walks hand in hand with them. There’s simply nothing that compares to the sudden explosion and ferocity of a huge fish striking a lure at the water’s surface. The Rage Toad from Strike King is an amazing topwater lure that yields great rewards for those dedicated enough to master it.

Like most frog imitating baits, the Rage Toad is designed to be fished on the surface, but where it differs from most topwater frogs is that it doesn’t float. Its soft plastic body will sink unless you maintain a fast retrieve, just like with a buzzbait. The Strike King scented plastic is dense and durable, though, and will cast a mile while lasting through several strikes and fights.

As with other Rage series plastic baits, the Rage Toad offers thick, flattened legs that create a noisy wake during the retrieve that fish can’t resist. When rigged weedless with a large wide gap hook, the toad is scary deadly in grass and around lily pads. This is where some have encountered issues, however. If not rigged properly, the toad will not run true in the water, and may even turn upside down. Furthermore, improper hooking may cause the hook to rip free from the toad’s body, essentially ruining it. When using a Rage Toad, be sure to take your time and rig the hook the right way, making sure it’s straight along the bait’s body and properly rigged through the nose.

Available in seven color patterns—watermelon red flake, black neon, green pumpkin, green pumpkin pearl, Okeechobee craw, pearl, and green pumpkin chartreuse—the four-inch Rage Toad uses those natural patterns to offer a great visual presentation. You can pick them up in packs of five for just $5.49 at most tackle retailers.

While it may take some time to rig properly, the Rage Toad is a great addition to any angler’s tackle box. I’ve literally had strikes on the first cast on several occasions when I’ve used the bait. Furthermore, when I’ve used them with anglers who never have, and they witnessed the effectiveness of the bait, they’ve purchased some of their own. Do yourself a favor and pick up a pack or two the next time you’re out. Whether you’re on a farm pond or a big lake, I guarantee that Strike King’s Rage Toad will draw those big bass from cover time and time again.