Tackle Review: Spiderwire Glow-Vis Braid

When I first started fishing, braided line was what I used. This was more out of necessity, mind you, considering the timber and weed-filled waters I was fishing during that trip, but I fell in love with the beneficial features of braided line on that trip. Spiderwire, a well-known braided line manufacturer in the fishing community, offers several variations of braid that appeal to different situations on the water, and have kept anglers coming back for the brand time and time again. Recently, Spiderwire released a new variation of braided line—Glow-Vis braid—that has created a stir. Keep reading for more information on this new line from a great company.

I know what you’re thinking: why would you want a braided line that glows? Well, technically speaking, Spiderwire’s Glow-Vis braid only glows in the sunlight, kind of like movie vampires these days. It does this with the aid of a UV reflective coating that gives off a glow in sunlight, or above the water, which allows you to keep track of where it is and detect sneaky bites or nibbles that you might otherwise miss.

Now, even though the line glows above the water due to its UV reflective coating, it does not do so beneath the surface, where UV rays have little to no penetration. No, Glow-Vis’ low-vis green color still allows it to maintain its low visibility so fish won’t be spooked.

Available in several different strengths, ranging from six-pound to eighty-pound test, Glow-Vis comes in spools of either 125 or 300 yards. The price of a spool will vary, of course, depending on which diameter and amount you go with, but you can expect to pay $14.99 for 125 yards of average strength (6-50 lb). 300-yard spools will run close to $30, and large spools of heavier line will run close to $40. This is the normal price range for braided line, however, so there shouldn’t be any surprises here. Furthermore, because of its shelf life, you won’t have to replace braid as often as fluorocarbon or monofilament, so the higher cost reflects this.

Throughout the years, I’ve spoken with many anglers who have had trouble seeing low-vis braid while they’re fishing. Spiderwire’s Glow-Vis line accommodates such anglers with its UV reflective qualities that allow it to maintain a high level of visibility above the water line while remaining nearly invisible below the water. If you’ve had trouble keeping an eye on your braid, I suggest checking it out this season.