hWith many of the different techniques employed on the water, it can pay to implement specific gear that maximizes the effectiveness of those techniques. For example, baitcast reels tend to have a faster gear ratio, which makes them ideal when you need to retrieve line quickly. Another technique that works much better with a specific reel is drop shotting, for which spinning gear is optimal. Keep reading to learn why!

Spinning is preferred over baitcasting for drop shot rigs for a few different reasons. For one, the lighter line used with spinning gear spills more easily off a spinning reel’s open bail as the drop shot weight plummets toward bottom than it would off a baitcast reel. Also, spinning reels allow their user the ability to keep an index finger in constant contact with the line so they can feel what goes on below the water’s surface. Just keep in mind that when you’re considering a spinning reel for your drop shot rig, it’s smart to look for models with higher quality drag.

When choosing a rod for your drop shot setup, always remember that a soft tip is crucial. The length can vary between 6’6” and 6’8” to 7’6”, but try to stay around 7-feet and in the medium action range if you can. This length and action will provide the most optimal performance. Furthermore, the angle of your arm when you use a spinning rod is much more ideal for a sudden, sweeping hook set when the time comes.

As far as line goes, spinning gear allows you to use lighter, more nibble-sensitive line. Most drop shot enthusiasts prefer fluorocarbon or strong monofilament in the 6-lb range. My preference is P-Line’s CXX green. It’s the line I use for a variety of situations and it’s never given me problems, whether I’m floating for steelhead or drop shotting for bass.

Most people know that having the right tool for the job is important in any facet of life, not just fishing. However, when it comes to certain techniques or lures, having the right rod or reel setup means fish in the boat, or not. I’m sure we can all agree that fish in the boat is the desired goal. If you’ve ever tried drop shotting, or are looking for the right setup to get into it, be sure to go with a spinning combo. You’ll find that such a setup allows for a more effective experience. 

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