Finding the Right Rod for the Job, Part Two

rods2To some, having the different rod for different lures may sound unnecessary, but experienced anglers will tell you what a difference it can make. Rounding out our series on finding the best rod for a given lure or technique are a few more great recommendations.

Smaller baits that you’ll fish mostly in open water, such as grubs, will require a rod that allows you to make long casts with good hooksets. Most prefer a spinning rod here, but you’ll want to go with a medium tip on a 6 ½’ rod. This lets you cast these light baits a long way and still pick up a lot of slack line quickly for a hookset.

For worms rigged Texas-style, or even smaller jigs, the distance and leverage of a 6 ½ to 7’ rod with a medium to medium-heavy tip is great. Most likely, this will be the rod you’ll use most, so this one is definitely a priority. Fast action is the key since you want the casting accuracy and distance, but also enough backbone for hooksets and to bring a fish out of heavy cover.

Lastly, there’s your Carolina rigs. You have two choices here: either compromise and use your worm rod or go with a true specialized rod. Most pros use a 7' rod with a stiff tip when they throw Carolina rigs, which is some seriously heavy equipment. The length allows you to cast long leaders in open water and set the hook even if the fish has your 7' leader off to one side. Since most pros also use at least a 1 oz weight, the stiff tip allows you to move that large piece of metal quickly when you need to set the hook. While you’ll have enough rod power to rip a fish's head clean off, you can also go with a 6 ½’ rod with a stiff tip if you want a little less power.

Using the right rod for the right lure or technique can mean a world of difference on the water. I know that not all budgets allow for such a luxury, but if you’re able, try to at least be a little picky with the rods you use with your preferred lures. Decide which ones you use most often and gear your rod choice in that direction. I guarantee you’ll notice a difference in your lure’s performance and you’re efficiency at landing fish, as well.