Tackle Review: Berkley XL Armor Coated Monofilament

xl monoThe realm of fishing never ceases to amaze its customers with innovative products that enable the sport to leap forward with new technology and designs. From lures to rods, and everything in between, fishing has seen its fair share of leaps forward. Today, we’ll take a look at a new product from one of fishing’s most respected and well-known companies as we explore Berkley’s Trilene XL Armor Coated monofilament line.

The XL mono is comprised of two layers of material that combine to create a flexible, yet durable line. The XL’s malleable core line is coated with an abrasion-resistant outer layer, which is where the line derives its Armor Coated moniker. This combination of technology allows for the line to possess exceptional strength, flexibility, and versatility.

Available in a nearly invisible green, the XL mono comes in 220yd spools, ranging from 8 to 20lb test, with a price range of $8.99 to $10.99. Furthermore, the line is made in the United States.

Any angler knows that there are several types of line available on the market, each with its own perks and optimal uses, but many anglers actually prefer monofilament, and the XL allows them increased durability and flexibility in their favorite line type. Also, a two-layered line isn’t entirely new to the market, so experienced anglers will know that Berkley’s XL is up against other companies. However, like braid and fluorocarbon, advances in line creation lead to a healthy competition on the market, which also leads to companies striving to improve their products in an effort to raise the bar while simultaneously offering the best products to their customers.

Anglers specializing in deeper waters where monofilament is favored will want to check out Berkley’s XL. I have a feeling its improved durability, combined with the familiar feel of mono, will be a welcome addition to many tackle boxes this season.