Tackle Review: LiveTarget Mullet Popper

mulletInshore fishing is a great way to experience some intense fights from hooked fish. Fans of inshore species like redfish know that one of the best ways to entice tailspots to strike is with live bait. Popular options here are shrimp and mullet. Sometimes live bait isn’t available, though, and there are several artificial options you can choose. Weedless spoons, plastic jerkbaits, and plastics with a gold Colorado blade are popular, but today we’ll take a look at a new lure from Koppers, the makers of the LiveTarget series, that will help attract redfish, as well: the LiveTarget Mullet.

LiveTarget lures have been a fan favorite since their arrival a few years ago, and if you’ve fished with them, you’ll know why. Their lifelike appearance mimics baitfish perfectly and draws strikes time and time again. The company’s impressive track record continues with their inshore baits, particularly their mullet.

Topwater baits make for exciting fishing, and the size and strength of redfish –especially the big bulls—is no exception. The mullet popper imitates a surfacing straggler baitfish and creates a good amount of noise and water displacement that does the job. Painted to look just like a mullet, the bait also possesses two treble hooks and a popper nose that spits and chugs and drives redfish crazy. Aside from an incredibly lifelike appearance, there’s not much else you need to do with the mullet other than work it like you would any other popper.

There are a few situations where the mullet popper will do the most damage. You can capitalize on the commotion that a feeding school of the batifish will create, and cast the lure nearby to make a redfish think there’s a straggler. Working the mullet popper along inshore grasslines will draw strikes from lurking reds, as well.

The mullet popper comes in three different color patterns—silver/black, silver/brown, and natural/matte. The lure also comes in 3 ½ (1/2 oz) and 4 ¾-inch (5/8 oz) sizes. The smaller size costs $12.99 while the larger runs $13.99.

LiveTarget’s mullet popper is a great addition to any inshore angler’s arsenal. When other lures just aren’t doing the job—which happens—adding a little something different to your presentation by working the surface may be just what the doctor ordered, and the LiveTarget mullet popper is perfect for the job.