Popular Deep Crankbait Options

deep crankEarlier this month we took a look at the some of the benefits of using deep diving crankbaits to reach those fish that like to stick to the murkiest of depths. Today, we’ll take a look at a handful of the most popular and effective crankbaits that can help you achieve this goal, starting with the deepest diving.

Strike King 10XD

The 10XD reaches a depth of 25 feet, which makes it the deepest crankbait on our list. This 4-inch, 2-oz bait is equipped with 1/0 treble hooks and comes in a dozen different color patterns. At $14.99, it’s on the higher end of most anglers’ price range, but Strike King’s lures have a long history of helping pros win tournaments—KVD used the square-billed model to win the Bassmaster Classic a few years ago—so if you like to fish deep, I’d pick up one or two this season.

Mann's DD Plus

Coming in second at just over 24 feet is the Deep Diving Plus series from Mann’s. Available in two sizes (3 and 3 ¼ inch) and six different color patterns, this series is advertised with a 30-foot depth, but actually dives a few feet shallower. Not a problem for most anglers, though, and you can pick one up for $8.99.

Luck-E-Strike Freak  

With a depth of around 20 feet is the Deep Diver Freak crankbait from Luck-E-Strike. The series is comprised of 3-inch, 5/8-oz baits and offers eight color patterns from which to choose, and costs $8.49.

Spro Little John DD

Spro’s Little John crankbait runs at a depth of 20 feet, offers six different color patterns, and a 1-oz, 2 ¾-inch design, all for $12.99. A bit on the pricy side for many, yes, but with open, deep water, the quality of Spro’s baits can be priceless.

Rapala DT Metal 20’

No introduction is needed for Rapala’s crankbaits. With a legendary status in the fishing world, the company continues to offer world-class baits. Their metal DT 20 crankbaits are a popular choice for deep water anglers. Diving to around 20 feet, the DT 20 offers six color patterns, 2 ¾-inch bodies that weigh 7/8-oz, and costs $9.49.

Be sure to use lighter line will help the lure to dive even deeper. This will also provide for more vibration during the retrieve. Any of the baits outlined today will do well in your exploration of deep waters this season. As you can see, quality crankbaits do cost a little more than some fishermen are prepared to spend, but with a higher cost, you can get a great quality lure for your tackle box and dive to new depths to bring fish to the boat.