Docks, Part Two

hIn the world of fishing, there are a few key locations anglers know to seek when targeting large fish, and docks are one of them. In Part One of this series, we took a closer look at some key surrounding features to look for near a dock. Today we’ll explore how knowing when to fish docks is just as important a part of the equation.

A large part of knowing when to fish docks involves weather conditions like bright sunlight and hot temperatures, both of which make for prime dock fishing factors, due to the shade they offer. With these factors present, fish docks in the morning and stay there until mid to late afternoon. If the fish aren’t biting, though, your best bet is to wait an hour or so and come back. 

Another prime time to fish docks is during cold fronts. Often, inactive fish head under docks to wait for the cold conditions to pass and to find some warmth, as wooden docks retain heat and can warm up the water surrounding them. In these instances, it can be hard to entice them to strike, but repeated casts with precise presentations can elicit a strike from even the most lethargic bass. When the temperatures drop low, spend a lot of time dissecting every nook and cranny of a given dock to make sure you’ve covered it thoroughly.

As you can see, docks can be goldmines in both hot and cold conditions. Taking the time to pick them apart can yield dividends when you’re seeking big bass that are either trying to stay warm or escape the sun’s heat. Be sure to come back for yet another chapter in our series on docks for even more information on how these structures can help you bring big fish to be boat.