This tends to be the most common method of staying put on the water, as in many states it’s actually required by law to have an anchor and rope on board your boat. Anchors are great when you need to fix yourself on a spot to pick apart underwater structure. There are also several different styles of anchor available—including fluke, river, and mushroom—so be sure to consider the specific anchor type for your needs.

Trolling Motor

These days, electric trolling motors are vital for the serious angler. Their silence and maneuverability are essential in shallow, clear water, or when you’re targeting spooked fish. Furthermore, a trolling motor’s fast response time makes it perfect for fine-tuning the position of your boat so you can approach, navigate, and cast in and around specific areas. With trolling motors, you can find both bow and transom mounts, each of which have their own advantages. Though, many anglers with the extra money end up outfitting their boats with both.

Drift Socks

Starting around $20, drift socks are the most affordable boat control tool. In fact, their low cost enable many to keep several on board, which allows for enhanced control and rigging options. Drift socks can be used to slow down your boat’s drift speed in wind and waves, which will keep you in a specific spot for longer. You can also use them to slow your trolling speed when the boat’s motor moves you faster than you’d like, which is great when you’re pulling a lure through the water. Finally, drift socks also minimize boat bounce, leading to a more stable, safe, and comfortable fishing platform when there’s a bit of a chop on the water.

Boat control will play a big role in your fishing success no matter which species you’re after, and the ability to maneuver a boat, as well as maintain its position when you’re on the fish, separates the serious anglers from the weekend warriors. Gearing up with the right equipment will make a big difference in your overall proficiency, so keep the tools outlined today in mind when you’re looking for a little more boat control. 

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