Use a Drift Sock for Kayak Fishing

kayakKayak fishing is no new concept. If you’re adept at using a kayak, then fishing from one can be a great way to leave the shoreline behind and peacefully meander a few hard-to-reach places that even boats can’t get to. Being at the mercy of the wind or the waves when stationary, though, can be a bit tricky to overcome for some. Not to worry; using a drift sock can help with this, and today we’ll explore how.

One huge benefit to using a drift sock is that it slows down drift speed. This allows you to fish a specific area more thoroughly, make more casts, and stay in the strike zone longer. Increasing the number of casts gives you more time to experiment with cast angles, different lures, retrieve speeds and different depths, any one variation of which can pay off in dividends.

Along with slowing down your drift speed, the shape of a drift sock helps you maintain your drift in a steady direction, which allows you to fish more accurately. Furthermore, your kayak’s orientation will be influenced by where the drift sock is tethered, so you might also want to look into a trolley. This allows you to adjust the point where your kayak and drift sock connect using a pulley system to fine tune boat position. 

Lastly, using a drift sock can improve your overall comfort. For instance, having one cuts down on kayak spin, which means more time fishing and less time paddling. Also, it reduces how much you’ll bounce in the waves, leading to a more pleasant fishing experience.

Kayak fishing is great, but maneuvering the craft while handling fishing tackle can be a bit much for some folks to handle all at once. Tying on a drift sock can make things a lot easier for you, so if you’ve given kayak fishing some thought, look into picking up a drift sock beforehand. I promise you won’t regret it.