Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Angler

angler giftsAnglers love adding to their tackle collection, which usually means spending hours and money at their local tackle retailer. This time of year, though, you can take a peek at their Christmas list and pick up a few items for their stocking. Keep reading for a few popular items on anglers’ lists this year.

Buff UVX Mask ($35)   Many anglers, especially those who spend time on saltwater, know how important buffs can be for UV protection. Buff’s new UVX mask is engineered to shape itself to your face and also covers your upper chest, neck, and shoulders to protect against the sun. The mask is made from Coolmax extreme fabric that blocks 95% of UV rays and also wicks away moisture. Finally, it also features laser-cut breathing holes to keep your sunglasses from fogging up and is available in four colors.

Douglas Outdoors Travel Tying Station ($130)   Traveling fly anglers may need to craft their own flies on the fly (pun intended), for which they need several tools and materials. Douglas’ Tying Station makes the task a lot easier by offering a convenient way to tote more fly materials than a pocket on your suitcase or bag might fit. With the Tying Station, you won’t need to deliberate over which materials to leave behind; you can bring them all!

Uncle Buck’s 235-piece Bait Bucket ($25)   Uncle Buck’s Bait Bucket comes packed with 235 soft plastic baits, including Uncle Buck’s Squirmin’ Squirts, worms, creature baits, and Flippin’ Craws. Furthermore, the baits are loaded with a powerful, attractive scent and are infused with salt to better entice fish.

Bass Pro Shops Grip n’ Clip Angler Pack ($40)   This handy pack includes every tool than an angler might need for a day on the water, including 7.5” aluminum fishing pliers, 7’ stainless steel forceps, 9.6” aluminum hook remover, and a 3 ¼” stainless steel line clipper.

Gift Cards/Memberships   Let’s face it, anglers can be picky. Thankfully, retailers like Bass Pro Shops, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Cabela’s are filled with gift cards for when you’re a little unsure of an exact piece of gear on your angler’s list. You can also pick up a membership to these stores on the behalf of the angler in your family, which are great for accruing points as they spend money, leading to discounts and gift certificates.