Recycle Those Christmas Trees

treeThere are many families who continue to bundle up and head out together each year to chop their own Christmas tree for the holidays. In fact, my first job was working at a Christmas tree lot when I was fourteen, and I was surprised at how many people prefer a real tree to a fake one. Once the holidays are over, though, what do you do with those trees? For anglers, a great way to recycle your Christmas tree is to sink it in your local farm pond to create structure for fish, and today we’ll explore this further.

Many anglers have been sinking Christmas trees in local lakes and ponds for years. The best part: it’s easy to do, even if you don’t have one of your own. You can simply drive through a neighborhood after the holidays and find a few Christmas trees sitting at the curb. Depending on how many trees you want, you may need a truck or a trailer. If you’re not into driving around local neighborhoods, many communities have designated Christmas tree drop locations where you can gather several trees in one fell swoop.

Once you have your trees, there are few other items you’ll need. First, a roll of wire and a good pair of wire cutters are crucial. You’ll also need a cinder block or two to sink the tree. More often than not, one block will sink a tree, but larger trees may require two blocks to take them down to the bottom. Once you have the materials, you can use the wire to secure the cinder blocks to the tree and find your desired sinking location.

Aside from artificial fish attractors, Christmas trees make a great habitat for many species of fish. Furthermore, using them this way is ideal for preventing several Christmas trees from going to waste after the holidays. Keep the process in mind for your own pond or small lake and I’m sure you’ll appreciate the results that making your own Christmas tree fish habitat will bring you!