April Kicks Off Trout Season in Many States


Trout anglers rejoice! If the opener for trout has not already begun in your state, it will be soon enough, as April signals the start of trout season for many states in the U.S.

Some states, such as Oregon, permit trout fishing year-round with stocking schedules posted on-line. Other states, such as Michigan, offers open water trout fishing throughout the year, but their inland regions are organized by type and number, with seasons for trout varying between them. You can find facts on trout fishing in the Great Lakes State here.

As April continues, trout season will open in more states with many Midwest and Northeastern states opening their seasons over the Easter holiday. Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and New Hampshire are among the states where trout anglers can head to the rivers this month.

With trout season opening in your neck of the woods, you’ll want to make sure you’re geared up to tackle the rivers and streams properly. Arm yourself with White River Fly Shop’s Black Watch/Hobbs Creek Combo for an affordable rod and reel outfit, or the Sagebrush Fly Vest from Fishpond, which offers a breathable mesh construction and offers 14 zippered pockets (10 external and 4 internal) to house all your ready-to-use fly gear.

For a better idea of effective flies to match the hatch near you, you can also check in with local tackle and fly shops, or if you’re lucky enough to live near a Bass Pro Shop, you can check with their fly fishing department to see if they offer weekly fly tying classes. And even if they don’t, it’s worth it to ask how you can get one started.

Photo credit: Fly fishing for trout in Colorado, Getty Images