Keen Uneek Sandals: Do They Walk the Walk?


Keen is a legendary company in the outdoors community, due mainly to its durable, cushioned boots. I, myself, own and love a pair of boots—the Targhee II Mid—which have kept me upright, dry, and comfortable on dozens of hikes. Not one to shy from upping the ante, Keen released in 2015 an innovative sandal that not only catches the eye, but offers a new take on comfort: the Uneek Sandal.

What Makes it Uneek?

In lieu of traditional uppers, Keen’s Uneek sandal instead utilizes uppers comprised of two, free-moving, polyester braided cords. The cords weave themselves in an intricate design to create an adaptable upper that conforms to your feet, allowing for a perfect fit for each wearer.

Do They Have Sole Power?

In addition to their design, Keen’s Uneeks offer a secure bungee lace capture system to keep your cords from shifting. The midsoles are made from durable, lightweight polyurethane and the footbed is designed to offer ideal arch support and cater to your foot’s natural contours, while also featuring microfiber footbed covers. Not a bad set of bones for a sandal.

How Will They Handle the Trail?

Uneeks offer high-traction, nonmarking rubber outsoles, but they’re not hiking boots, and don’t feature treads to keep you from slipping on rough terrain. This means you may want to opt for a hiking sandal or a full-on boot for a day on the trail. For light walking, casual hikes on smooth, paved trails, they’ll perform just fine. Where they really excel, though, is kayaking, where their open design and traction are ideal.

 My Test-Drive

I found the Uneeks to fit true to size. Out of the box, they’re soft, roomy but with a solid fit, and provide super arch support. I didn’t feel any pressure or uncomfortable rubbing from the cords or the heel strap, which was a nice surprise. The $99.95 price tag is right in line with Keen’s other hiking sandals, too.

 See a video review of Keen’s Uneek Sandals here.