4 Must See Fishing Destinations


Whether you’re a hunter, hiker, or angler, there are likely one or two “Before I Die” destinations you keep in a mental notebook. In the fishing world, there are dozens of dream fishing trips out there. Here are a four to get your started.

Amazon Peacock Bass

Perhaps the most exotic trip any angler will take is seeking colorful peacock bass in Brazil’s Amazon River. This trip will offer anglers the chance to see some of the most remote areas on the planet, not to mention experience unforgettable fishing in the jungles of South America. Peacock bass come in a variety of species and colors, with some weighing over 20 pounds, and each one packs a ferocious strike, especially with topwater lures. Acute Angling is a favorite peacock bass outfitter for anglers hitting the Amazon.

Florida Tarpon

Florida is home to some of the most exciting and diverse fishing found anywhere in North America, and the species that tops many anglers’ wish lists is the mighty leaping tarpon. Found year-round along Florida’s coast, bountiful fishing for tarpon can be had from the Keys and on up both coastlines. Anglers looking for near-guaranteed action will want to head to the Boca Grande area near Fort Myers, which is a world renowned tarpon location—not just for numbers but for the size of fish, as well. It’s common for anglers to pull in fish up to eight feet in length and over 200 pounds. For quality tarpon guides, look into A Tadd More Charters, or Ladyfish Charters.

Canadian Lake Trout

The cold, deep waters of Great Bear Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories produce some of the largest lake trout anywhere. Here, anglers have the chance to reel in trout over 70 years of age and weighing in over 70 pounds. Plummer’s Arctic Lodge is one of the premier operators in the north, having produced some record catches. Side trips for Arctic char and grayling are available as well. (https://youtu.be/83IPIwPe7Gc)

Sharks in the Atlantic

If tarpon or peacock bass aren’t your thing, how about a fish that eats other big fish? Many anglers often overlook the exciting prospect of shark fishing, but these toothy predators can offer some of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences on the water, especially in Canada’s Maritimes, a region of Eastern Canada consisting of the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. In these cold northern waters, sharks can reach a thousand pounds, you’ll find several different species. Book a shark fishing charter with guides such as Blue Shark Fishing Charters in Nova Scotia, or St. Andrews Sport Fishing in New Brunswick.

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons