Inside My Mystery Tackle Box

lure boxSpend more than a few minutes on social media and you’re likely to see an ad or a post for a monthly box of products for men’s grooming, camping gear or even clothing. Now anglers get to join in the fun.

The Mystery Tackle Box offers anglers the opportunity to receive a random assortment of quality fishing tackle each month via a subscription. Once you decide on how many months you want to subscribe for, you can choose from three different species—bass, inshore saltwater, and panfish like bluegill or crappie. Simply pay a monthly rate (shipping is free) and a fresh box of mystery tackle is sent to your doorstep every month.

Here’s the tackle that arrived in my first Mystery Tackle Box:

Castaic BD12 Crankbait

Bassmaster Classic Champion Boyd Duckett developed these crankbaits with solid action in the water and realistic color patterns to help anglers attract largemouth bass.

Reaction Strike 2.5 RSC Crankbait

A perfect bait for searching for fish, this shallow crankbait features 3-D eyes and an internal sound chamber to draw strikes.

Vicious Ultimate Copolymer Line

This 100-yd spool of mossy green line will offer minimal stretch, maximum sensitivity for feeling sneaky nibbles, and excellent knot strength when it comes time to replace the line on one of my reels.

Charlie’s Salt Bang-O Worm

Stick-style plastic worms are a staple bait in any bass angler’s tackle box, and the Bang-O offers a salty scent to attract fish and a durable body to outlast other soft plastics.

Bruiser Baits Super Swimmer Jr.

I love swimbaits, and the SSJr’s compact size and rapid tail action will be great on my local lakes. Bonus: It can be used with a weighted swimbait hook, jighead, or even just on its own with a weedless hook.

VMC Wacky Weedless Jighead

Approved by Mike Iaconelli himself, this weedless jighead will be magic in my neck of the woods, where the lakes are thick with vegetation and submerged timber.

Baitmate Fish Attractant

Attractants are designed to enhance the scent, taste, and visual appeal of your baits. I’ve never really used fish attractants before, but that’s only because most of my baits are pre-scented. I can’t wait to give it a try the next time I hit the water.

© Gdvcom | Dreamstime.comFishing Box Photo